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1813 - 2013 Celebrating 200 years of the Ironstone Patent

For many people, the first thing they think about when 'Mason's' is mentioned, is to associate the factory with the introduction in 1813 of the world famous 'Mason's Patent Ironstone China'.
The firm was originally founded in 1796 by Miles Mason and although 'Ironstone' did prove to be a significant part of the Mason's factory production, there is much more to the history of the factory and the Mason family than just patent ironstone china.

The Mason's Collectors Club was founded in 1972 for all who collect, have an interest in, or appreciate the ceramic wares made by Miles Mason between 1796 and 1813; and his sons William Mason; George Miles Mason and Charles James Mason from 1813 to 1851 and subsequent potters who had the rights to the Mason's name; (Morley, Ashworth and Goddard), who traded from the Broad Street Works in Hanley well into the 20th Century.

The Club holds four meetings a year, when Members meet to discuss and enjoy handling pots from the Mason's stable of factories, as well as being able to listen to experts present sessions on a variety of topics of interest to the Club.

We also publish four newsletters a year, most of which are still available (to Members) for a small fee to cover copying. These cover all aspects of the Mason's wares; the families and factories.

There is still much to discover about the Mason's and we continue to find out new things on a regular basis, and have certainly found much new knowledge for the benefit of all who are interested in the histories of the Potteries in general.